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Still trying to figure out what “the nailed ones” are. Any ideas?

Feeling a “litter tried”? Try this!

I got myself a foot massager for my birthday. It works great and I love it, but still the best part of it is the brochure it came with. In a “Me Talk Pretty One Day” kind of way, it promises great things. Here are some highlights:

  • It offers to “clean cumulated rubbish of human body.”
  • It promises “long life – make the healthy organization salability.”
  • It describes itself as “vigorous and graceful – good way for lacing movement.”
  • Under “using range,” it appears to be useful for people in “Not good health: Be upset, feel tired, be in low spirit, impaired concetration, be dazzle, waist ache and feet soft, feel eye tired, swollen, not good function for stomach, have bad memory etc.”
  • Under “notes” it advises: “Old man or people who are not good first use the rolling massage, the time that is set for 5 minutes is suitable, then step up the time once by once.”
  • Also note that: “Children or those person can’t express their consciousness should be use under the instruction of suitable guider.”
  • A few words on the “reaction”: “It is nomal [sic] to feel litter tried the next day.”
  • And it offers a disclaimer: “If the product has little change or color change not affect function, our company won’t inform you.”

And in case you’ve got an engineering mind and are wondering how this massager works, it’s just an “electronic apparatus that people health themselves. The roller can cyclically rolling-press the position for massage. At the same time, the two big wheel panel go round and round.”

There are just five simple parts: 1) “Big turntable; 2) “Dos shell”; 3) “Small kneading small”; 4) “Control Panel”; and, of course,  5) the “Knighthead.”

Off to go health myself!