Was it the “knighthead”? *

Newsflash! Use of the rolling healthy massager may be fatal to one’s health.


* in order for this reference to make any sense at all, please refer to “Feeling a ‘Litter Tried’ ” post.


Found! Hoax Letter (the early years)

You ever wonder why hotels provide stationery, and who exactly might be using it?

Back in high school, I never let a good piece of letterhead go to waste – it made the best medium for hoax letters, which I liked to send to my best friend Michele. I wasn’t really trying to fool her, I was just trying to make her laugh.

The example below isn’t the best one I ever sent, but it’s one of the few still remaining. The letter most likely to receive that honor was probably ripped to shreds by Michele’s mother (In the letter, I “fired” Michele from her regular summer job as a camp counselor; unfortunately, it looked so important that her mother opened it before Michele got home from school, and it looked so official that her mother placed an angry call to the camp). (Lucky for me, the person whose name I forged was unavailable.)

Anyway, this one isn’t nearly as believable, nor (as I remember) as funny, but I think it was early in my hoax-letter hobby years.