Found: Hoax letter #2

Here’s another one.

The story behind this one: Michele (yes, the same Michele) and I were roommates, and the phone was under my name. When I moved to Savannah, she found a new roomie and stayed in the apartment, and neither one of us bothered to change the name on the account.

One day, for whatever reason, she called the phone company — maybe it was to add call waiting? Anyway, she had to pretend she was me in order to make the change. Which would have been fine BUT…

Shortly after she made the call, the phone rang. The person on the line asked for me and Michele told her I had moved. Well, turns out it was the representative from the phone company following up on the order, and that news upset her very, very much. Michele got a scolding about lying and trust and “authorized” changes. (I’m sure Michele can tell it better). Anyway, here’s the passive-aggressive hoax letter that followed.