Stay sitting on your nargas and still do something good! (NOT a hoax letter)

Now through April 2, Paramedics for Children will get a $5 donation for every new person who signs up for their email list. Go to to sign up or learn more.

With a small but incredibly effective budget, PFC is helping some of the poorest children in Latin America. It’s a 100 percent volunteer organization, so every penny you give goes directly to provide health care, food and shelter to someone who desperately needs it.

I’ve given money to organizations before and have been disappointed by the spam I get a result — mailings, calls, gadgets, etc., not just from the place I donated to, but from other organizations with whom they’ve shared their list. PFC won’t do this to you. They’ll respect your privacy — and they’ll use every cent you give to help the people they serve (and not on some annoying marketing ploy).  

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Think about giving them a tax-deductible donation next time you have some extra cash you want to do good with. For now, just go to the site, sign up, and let someone else do the giving for you. 

You can still claim the karma.


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