Life in bullets

I’ve figured out why I don’t post here very often. It’s because I feel like I have to write a freaking essay when I do.  Well, enough of that. I’ve decided bullet points will do just fine. Here’s what’s up with me:

  • Book cover! I’ve seen the early stages of my book cover, and I’ll just say this. If this book were a man, I would marry it. (Also, of course, if I were single, but that seems to be taking the metaphor too far).  I have been using the L-word very liberally these past few days.
  • Moved! Actually one ! probably isn’t enough. Totally understates the stress involved. There was lots. But we bought a new place, a small, humble little house that seems to have accepted us with little angst. It’s got an outdated kitchen, 60-year-old windows, and rooms the size of some people’s bathrooms, but if this house were a man…..okay, I already used that metaphor. And anyway, I pretty much did marry it in — I’m just as legally bound.  What I love about this house is the simplicity of it. We’re using every single inch of space, and for some reason, that feels good. Also? It’s got this adorable glass brick window that I put pretty colored-glass things in. Sometimes, when the sun shines through it? I hear a choir on high. I’m that excited about this weird little window.

(Side note: Two of the pretty glass items in the window are these beautiful blue drinking glasses my mom gave me. Here’s the story about them: It was in the 1960’s. My mom had recently graduated college, and had moved to  Berkeley, where she took a job as a receptionist. When things got slow, she would read her Gertrude Stein book. It was there, she says, that a “beautiful lesbian” befriended her. After finding out my mom was living in an empty apartment, the woman gave her those glasses. As my mom was telling me the story, she had an “aha!” moment, realizing the Gertrude Stein book probably endeared her to her friend.) (And yes, this story totally reminds me of a Mad Men scene from a recent episode, but it’s TRUE!)

Okay, so maybe this is a two-bullet update. I mean, since I’ve decided to post on here more often, I should save some bullet-worthy things for later.  (RUM PUNCH!) (FRIENDSHIP!) (SEE??? I HAVE…THINGS…)


Attention: My Mom’s Secret Admirer

Dear “Dale”:

The tomatoes are growing quite nicely. She’s been wanting me to tell you that. Hope you’re well.

Um, okay, then.

Take care.